Bringing Dispensaries and Patients Together in a Mutually Beneficial Way.

The Community Commitment Program with Health and Life Missouri.

The future in customer service and acquisition in Missouri.

Help customers get the one thing they need before they can step one foot in front of your products: a medical card.

Our Community Commitment Program is the perfect platform for using physician certifications as a way to get new patients in the door and begin cultivating long term, mutually beneficial relationships, within the community you serve. 

This program is state approved, easily integrates into established marketing platforms, is measurable with a predictable ROI.

Why take the Pledge?

For Business Owners

A drag and drop program to increase your customer base, customer value, and revenue.

For Your Staff

Training and support for a quick integration into marketing platforms and customer care operations. 

For Your Customers

A dispensary experience full of support and acceptance Missouri Medical Marijuana Patients are desperately looking for. 

Setting the standard is what we do.

We were the first to create a completely online clinic.
We were the first to require no medical records.
We were the first to help patients through the state application process.

Our fast, friendly, affordable, patient focused service has allowed a us to grow 600% this year and enjoy a 90% referral rate for new patients.

A relationship based program, for a relationship based industry.

The community commitment program is designed to help you build a customer base in your area, long term, without taking away from your already established branding. 

Make compliance and customer acquisition/care second nature to your staff.

Missouri’s MMJ program
PHI, HIPAA, and PII compliance
Prequalifying patients
Scheduling appointments 
Collecting consent for rewards, email, and text marketing
Preparing patients for their return once licensed
Journal Page Use

State mandated and educational tools.

Cards for collecting patient information
Journal pages
Methods of ingestion card
Mandated overdose, poison, and addiction information

Optional Audit

Make sure your staff is providing compliant patient friendly service to your customers. We will walk through you current customer service process and give recommendations for improving customer experience through rules compliance should we note any violations or conflicting processes.

How much is a long term customer worth?

No guesswork involved.

How many patients do you want to add to your customer base, your email and text marketing list? We've made it easy to calculate customer acquisition cost vs long term value. 

Individual Package Pricing

If you could by $100 bills for $10, but you could only buy them once a year, how many would you buy?



420 Appointment Codes
Staff Training



100 Appointment Codes
Staff Training 

Subscription Pricing

Save money and create a stable program with a 12 month subscription. Subscriptions add dedicated service support for your staff and new employee training to keep your team on track all year.


Billed monthly

$25,200 per month

420 Appointment Codes per month
Initial Staff Training
New Hire Training
Dedicated Service Support


Billed monthly

$6,000 per month

100 Appointment Codes per month
Initial Staff Training
New Hire Training
Dedicated Service Support

Explosive and sustainable growth is here.

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