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Why Medical Marijuana? 

Over 200,000 patients have received their Missouri Medical Marijuana Card in the last 3 years. These friends, neighbors, and loved ones are experiencing a safer, more manageable way to help with conditions from cancer, glaucoma, and epilepsy, to migraines, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Medical Marijuana is empowering Missourians with the choices they need to improve their everyday lives.

What you need, when you need it.

Unlike traditional prescription medication, medical marijuana gives you the freedom to increase or decrease your dosage amount and type depending on what you need when you need it. 

More Options Than Ever.

While smoking is still a very popular way of consuming medical marijuana, it's not the only way. Your options today include gummies, drinks, chocolates, and cookies, to name a few. If you prefer, you can even add it to your own recipes!

Join a community that cares.

The Missouri medical marijuana community is full of compassionate and educated people. You will have plenty of support on your journey to find what works best for you. From your team here at Health and Life Missouri, to your friendly neighborhood dispensary Budtender, you will find passionate experienced friends that are here to help you on a safer path to better health!

What are the benefits of having a medical card?

Priority Service and Discounts at Most Dispensaries
Pay Less Taxes on Purchases
Higher Allotment
Higher Possession Limit
Lower Cultivation Cost
Legal Protections for Family Court
Legal Protections for Parolees

We're here for you!

Health and Life Missouri has helped thousands of patients navigate the program to get, and stay, legal Medical Marijuana card holders. Our process is designed to take the stress out of getting a medical marijuana card. Before, during, and after your appointment, we're here for patients. Need assistance? Have questions about the program? Our friendly staff is here to support your successful journey through the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program.

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