What is the Community Commitment Program?

 It is a promise of professionalism, compassion, and support made by your local dispensary to the community of patients they serve.

 What you can expect from these Dispensaries.

Programs to Help You Save Money

Along with Reward Programs and discounts for Veteran and Low Income card holders, these dispensaries have committed to helping their local community members with the cost of their annual Medical Marijuana Card. 

On-Site Patient Representatives

These trained, dedicated professionals understand the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program and what it takes to get, and stay a legal patient. They will be on site to assist you with tasks such as scheduling your physician certification appointment and accessing/printing your medical marijuana license once approved. Having this friendly and helpful resource available will provide a safer, more comfortable experience.

Support For Your Journey

Finding the right dosage, strain, and mode of ingestion that suits you best can be challenging. You will likely need to try many variations before you find what works best for you. The dispensaries listed here have committed to having journal pages on hand so you can log your experiences during your journey to wellness. Knowledgeable Budtenders coupled with the use of a journal can help to more quickly narrow down what works best for you. Having these resources available for your use can cut your journey time in half. 

Product Information

These dispensaries offer written product information that comes from the growers and manufacturers themselves. This information can  help you better understand the products and how they might help you and your condition. These cards and pamphlets are great to use with your journal, or to plan your next purchase. Having these resources available allows you to take your time learning about the products and producers, and empowers you with information to guide your journey.

  Community Commitment  

Check below for a list of businesses in your area that are  Community Commitment members. We will also announce new members and share their stories in our newsletter, and annotate their membership on our dispensary map.

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